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March 26, 2016
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Missing TWRP install on Nook HD+

TWRP for Nook

Hi all and thanks for your fantastic support of our latest and greatest Android Lollipop for Nook HD+, Nook HD and Nook Tablet.

It’s been brought to our attention that when running the installer for Nook HD+ you get an on screen error on the Nook HD+ saying it can’t find a TWRP file.  

This is (of course) completely our fault. During development we changed the version of TWRP last minute to a later version, after we’d built the new version we omitted to add it to the install SD card image for installing Android Lollipop on the Nook HD+. A stupid mistake and we bow our heads in shame for missing it!

The good news is that you all seem to have realised that by the point this error shows, Android Lollipop has been installed on your Nook HD+ and it’s useable.  The only issue would be that it can’t auto update it’s self because it doesn’t have a recovery system built in.  This won’t stop your enjoyment of Lollipop though.

We will be up dating the Android Lollipop for Nook HD+ images as soon as we can and also adding another image to people downloads that installs just the TWRP recovery for Nook HD+ so that it won’t interfere with your new setup of Lollipop on your Nook HD+.

We’ll also be doing a quick write up on the TWRP installer app available from the Play store to allow users to keep their TWRP up to date that way, watch out of the blog post 🙂

Our apologies of the mistake!  We agree we should be shot for missing it!

Have a great week everyone!

Perfectly Android

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