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March 25, 2016
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Android Lollipop for Kindle Fire HD!

Android Lollipop for Kindle Fire HD

Perfectly Android are proud to announce the immediate availability of Android Lollipop for Kindle Fire HD 7″ (2012) and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

Existing users of Perfectly Android will receive a discount code via email soon, if you want it sooner than that, please feel free to Contact Us.  

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Lollipop For Kindle Fire HD general features

Perfectly Android bases its releases on CyanogenMod Open Source software development. CyanogenMod is an Open Source operating system based on Android which itself is also Open Source. CyanogenMod is often abbreviated to just CM.  Put simply, CyanogenMod is Google Android with some useful features added in.  CyanogenMod also has a number of customisation features that the basic Android Lollipop does not have.  

CyanogenMod has a very active development community and without CyanogenMod many devices would simply not have an open version of Android available for install.

Where possible we attempt to ensure that all features will work on your Kindle Fire HDs but some features may not yet be available. Unfortunately, some features may never be able to be implemented due to driver or hardware limitations.  

CyanogenMod Lollipop Edition for Kindle Fire HD comes with everything you’d expect from our releases, namely access to the Google Play Store. The Google Play store is often referred to as the Google App store.  

After purchase, support from our team will be available to you, just in case you have difficulty installing our software.  Our support includes E-mail ticket support as well as remote assistance for more stubborn install issues.  Please note that Live Remote Support is only available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 11am and 6pm EST (we usually take out a little time in the day for lunch).  

Many issues can be dealt with just as quickly via an email ticket by using our Contact Us form.  While you may get replies on the weekend via a support ticket, our normal working days are Monday through Friday.  We do our very best to answer all tickets promptly.  This usually means within a couple of hours (often sooner) during working hours. In busy periods we can take up to 48 hours to reply.

We also include free OTA (Over The Air) updates to all our future releases of Android Lollipop from your Lollipop install on your Kindle Fire HD.  This allows for simple updates which help with stability, performance and reliability.  

You will be notified on your device when these updates are available and guided through the install process. These updates will, in most cases, be totally trouble free and not require anything more than a simple tap to install.  Usually all existing software and settings on your Kindle Fire HD will remain intact.

Lollipop for Kindle Fire HD design features

Lollipop has had a noticeable cosmetic revamp over KitKat on your Kindle Fire. You will notice a few subtle and some not so subtle changes to the overall look and general operation of Android on your Kindle Fire HD.  The new look used in Android Lollipop has been called “Material” by Google.  There are of course lots of similarities with the previous KitKat so you will still be very much at home using it. We think you’ll agree that the new design used in Lollipop is more pleasing on the eye during use, shall we just say it’s more “up to date”.  

The new look has been cleaned and polished, making it feel more pleasing to use. There are shadows which give on screen items a more natural look and also give a feeling of depth and realism to the items on your screen.  This is achieved using layers and this in turn will allow app developers to create apps that have a more up to date design. Over time more and more apps will take advantage of the layers, making everything seem more unified across all the apps available for your Kindle FireHD  via the Google Play store.

Users of Perfectly Android KitKat for Kindle Fire will also notice that the on screen buttons such as Home, Back and Multitasking switcher have a new more simple look too.

Lollipop for Kindle fire HD Battery life

Lollipop for your Kindle Fire will now be able to take advantage of a battery saving mode when your Kindle battery is low.  This will reduce power hungry features when the battery in your Kindle becomes low.  This will in turn allow you to eek out every last bit of juice form your Kindle battery. 

Google has also added useful battery stats access for developers.  This new feature in Android Lollipop will allow developers to tune battery usage more finely. Google have called this system “Project Volta”.  Project Volta gives developers more tools to see what part of their app is draining battery, then tweak their apps to provide better efficiency and give their user improved battery performance.  

Android Lollipop Security features for your Kindle Fire HD

Under the hood of Android Lollipop, Google have made great leaps in security.  Everything is now far more secure on a core level.  This makes Lollipop less likely to be open to attacks form hackers and those that want your information without your permission.  Lollipop also has features such as facial recognition, which we are looking at adding to our Lollipop for Kindle Fire HD releases.

For those that are interested in tinkering with their devices further, you will also have complete control of what has access to “Root” privileges.  While we don’t support users tweaking their devices at a Root level, we certainly won’t stop you.  

Notification improvements in Lollipop for Kindle Fire

We all like to be notified of what’s going on in our online world.  Notifications now have the ability to be displayed on the lock screen. Lollipop also has the ability to control what notifications are displayed, this makes them far more useful. You can set notification so that you only see what you want to see and automatically ignore the rest!


Rounding Up Android Lollipop (CM12) for Kindle Fire

There are far more features in Android Lollipop than we have covered above, but we think we’ve covered a lot of what our users wanted to know.

As always, with our releases, you get an operating system without the limitations of Amazons own software. You get an up to date operating system without having to fork out for a whole new device.  

We believe that our KitKat users will love the new feel and performance offered by Perfectly Android Lollipop.

So without further ado, here are the links directly to your products for purchase:


Lollipop for Kindle Fire HD 7″ (2012)

Lollipop for Kindle Fire HD 8.9″



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