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    lollipop will not load on Nook HD+

    Nook will not load Lollipop. Program must have boot problems, how ever, my Na2card has the same problem. Is it possible that B&N has changed the nook program to not load these programs?

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    Hi Woodrow, it's more likely that your nook is just being funny about SD cards. They are notoriously fussy with cards.

    As daft as it may sound, please try creating the cards again using a different USB SD card reader, then turn off the nook completely. Pop the Sd card in and connect the power cable which will wake the nook. Often that give them the little kick they need to make them work

    If you have further issues, drop us a support ticket and we'll take it from there. We tend to deal with support tickets before answering forum posts.

    Good luck


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