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    Problems with Talkatone/ Google Voice

    A lot of people don"t realize this but most cellphones will do 99% of what they do using wi-fi only. Internet, GPS location services, texting, maps, EVERYTHING!! You only need a contract to make calls over the major carriers lines. But you can get around that.
    I have a 4G mobile hotspot through T-mobile that cost's $25 a month and it allows me to use my tablet and a Galaxy S3 with no service contract as telephones and texting devices. I was very disappointed in the Kindle software because Talkatone using Google voice was not even available for it until I installed Perfectly Android firmware. It immediately gave me access to Google play and all the apps it has available for Jelly Bean.
    I tried to install Talkatone on my new Kindle/Perfectly Android device and it wouldn't work.
    A quick online chat and it was fixed. I am very happy now and it operates flawlessly after a quick patch with an app called propedit. Tech support can talk you through it in minutes.
    Thank you Perfectly Android, I now have wi-fi phone service again on my non contract S3 and my Kindle Fire HD 7".
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