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Android 4.2.2 Users Manual (official)

Android 4.2.2 Users Manual

The link below will download the pdf version of the Official Google User's Manual for Android 4.2.2. The manual was designed for Google's own Nexus 7, so please skip the hardware section.

Nexus 7 Users Guide (pdf)

For those needing additional assistance, we recommend the following ebook from Amazon. You can read it using the Kindle App on N2Aos.

Help Me! Guide to the Nexus 7: Step-by-Step User Guide for Google's First Tablet PC [Kindle Edition]

Will N2Aos work for the Kindle HD?

Will N2Aos work for the Kindle HD?

Yes, our software will work for both the Kindle Fire HD 7" and 8.9" models. The HD 8.9 LTE is supported but will lose access to bluetooth, GPS, and cellular data connectivity. Our software is not yet compatible with the new Kindle Fire HD 7" (Released Oct 4th 2013) or Kindle Fire HDX (Released Oct 18th 2013)

Can I watch Amazon Prime Video on N2Aos?

Can I watch Amazon Prime Video on N2Aos?

Update : September 9th

Amazon has launched the Instant Video Player that now works right in the Amazon App in N2A!!

In order to get it working follow the instructions below.

Open the App Corner and Tap Special Apps. Install the Amazon App Store.

Once the Amazon App Store is installed open it.

Search for Prime Instant Video and install that App.

Once it is installed search for the Amazon App in the Amazon App Store and install it as well.

Then open the Amazon App and you will be able to watch Amazon Prime Videos!


What Kindle Fire exclusive content will I lose?

What Kindle Fire exclusive content will I lose?

There are a few Kindle Fire apps and services that are exclusive to the Kindle Fire. When N2Aos is installed, Amazon will recognize your Kindle as an Android Tablet, and not as an Amazon Kindle Fire. This will cause the Kindle Fire exclusive features to be unavailable. However, the vast majority of your existing Kindle books and Kindle apps can be downloaded again on N2Aos for free. The exceptions are as follows:

1. Currently you will not be able to stream Amazon Prime Video using N2Aos, If you do not use the streaming feature, this will not be a concern for you.

2. Kindle Fire exclusive apps will not work on N2Aos. In your Amazon Kindle Library, these apps will usually have "(Kindle Tablet Edition)" or something similar added to the end of their title. If you own some of these, you can check in the Amazon App Store or in the Google Play Store to see if the apps are available for other Android devices. If an Android version is available, then you can purchase it, or if it is free, download it for no charge. Please note that all other apps that are NOT exclusive to the Kindle Fire may be downloaded to any Android device, and will work on N2Aos.

3. You will lose access to the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, as this is a Kindle exclusive. If you are currently reading a borrowed book, finish and return it before upgrading to N2Aos. (If you neglected to return the book before upgrading, you can manually return the book through's site, but you will not be able to finish reading it.) You will still be able to access your other books through the Kindle Reader for Android app.

4. The Immersion Reading feature of the Kindle Fire Generation 2, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is not available for the Kindle Reader for Android app. Note that there are apps for Android for listening to Kindle eBooks which will give you similar features.

Most users find that the benefits of having a full Android tablet greatly outweigh the inconvenience of losing these few features. The information is provided so that you may make an informed decision on what is best for you.

If there are any other Kindle Fire exclusives that we did not mention here, please open a thread in our forums to let us know.

How do I access my Amazon apps and Kindle books?

How do I access my Amazon apps and Kindle books?

First, go to the App Corner (preinstalled). In the Play Store Apps section, you will find many handy apps such as the Kindle Reader. When you install this app, you will have access to your existing inventory of Amazon eBooks. Next, check out the Special Apps section. Here you will find the Amazon Apps store. Install this app to have access to your Amazon Kindle applications.

Note that not all Amazon Kindle Apps are compatible with Android 4.2.2.

For more information about the use of N2Aos, please see the Product Use FAQs and the Forums. Links are provided a bit farther down the page after you click or tap Close.

How can I transfer files to N2Aos?

How can I transfer files to N2Aos

This information is for post-installation file transfer, such as music, videos, or documents.

(MTP mode)
MTP mode is a "Portable Storage" mode created for mobile electronics. N2A uses MTP mode to communicate and transfer files to and from your computer. If you are having any problems getting the N2Aos to communicate with your computer please follow the instructions below.

Win XP, Vista, 7, and 8 - Update Windows Media Player

Mac OS - Download: Android File Transfer for mac

For Gen 1 owners you can also change the storage type to "Mass Storage" under Settings - Storage

What does Unlimited OTA updates really mean?

What does Unlimited updates really mean

Here at N2A we offer unlimited Over The Air Updates for your purchased operating system. So for Example if you buy N2Aos Jellybean, you will receive an unlimited number of updates for the JellyBean operating system.

To give you a clear idea of how this will work, if google decided to stick with Jellybean for 12 months or more, any updates to JellyBean within that 12 months that we release would be be free to all existing users of Our JellyBean based N2Aos.

When Google decides to release major new version of their operating system, they signify this by giving it a completely new name. We class this as a major upgrade and is not included as a free update to users of previous versions.

When a new Operating system is released we don't just drop our existing customers like many companies do, we continue to support them on their existing operating system for as long as they need, but better than that we also offer them a reduced cost upgrade from their current operating system to the new one.

While we'd love to be able to offer everything for free for ever more we're sure you understand that as a small company we can't afford to develop new software and support our existing customers without some form of income. We believe that the discount to upgrade is the best way to enable us to support all our existing and future customers while managing to stay alive ourselves.

We trust that everyone finds this acceptable.

Can Amazon Kindle Updates affect my N2Aos?

Can Amazon Kindle Updates affect my N2Aos

Short Answer: No

Longer Answer: Since N2Aos completely wipes the Amazon OS from the Kindle, there is no possibility that an update released from Amazon could reach the system. No more than a Kindle update could interfere with your Android phone. You are safe now. :)

Which payment methods do you accept?

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept:

You do not need a Paypal account to purchase. You can pay as a Guest through Paypal.

How can I get a refund?

How can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of our product we are unable to know if you are using it or not. For that reason, we do not honor refunds but we will absolutely help you if you need it. You can reach us by live chat or post a new thread in the forums and we will help you get past whatever trouble you are having. In rare instances, if the situation warrants it, we will issue a refund.

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