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  12. Mac OS X
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  36. [SOLVED] Will the installer from the KFHD 7" work for the KFHD 8.9"?
  37. N2Aos compared to Hashcodes Cyanogenmod on 8.9 Kindle Fire HD
  38. I just can't decide.
  39. [SOLVED] Install hangs at 50% overall meter
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  51. Will 3G/4G ever be supported on LTE model?
  52. Kindle Fi r
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  55. [SOLVED] help
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  65. When will we see...
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  67. Driver Installation Guide
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  80. [SOLVED] Magazines...
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  82. Browser for school not recognizing Kindle first gen.
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  86. Getting Started
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  90. Beta tester
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  105. help,, bricked it
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  121. 4.2 update breaks brightness and 5 GHZ WiFi
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  127. Help
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  133. Unable to download installer
  134. download expired
  135. Download Expired
  136. Download expired for jellybean.exe
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